1.  Company Management

a)      Department Management

b)      Multiple company/Lab/Pharmacy management


2.  User & Role Management

a.      User Management

b.      Role permission Management


3. Central Warehouse (Inventory) Management

 This module deals with the inventory of all Hospital Equipment’s, Materials, Consumables, and Medicines, Implants & Asset items in different departments of the hospital along with their purchase and supplier details. Requisitions for different items/equipment are sent to this store from different departments and accordingly the Central Store issues items/equipment to various departments and generate purchase orders for purchases. This also maintains records of purchases, stock, and supplier list, item/equipment/material master tables.

The Store module ensures that there is a round the clock availability of a sufficient quantity of drugs and consumable material for the patients in a mode that neither hinders efficient clinical work, nor it becomes a threat to the survival of the Store.

Salient Features of this Module are:

a)    Maintains the details of all items, its suppliers and purchase details.

b)    Items can be categorized under different groups.

c)    Items can be defined for the store i.e. a particular will be able to view only those items which comes under it.

d)    Generate Purchase order linked with patient indents.

e)    Maintain Separate Stock of Central Store & Multiple Sub Stores.

f)     A particular store can indent items from all other stores.

g)    Maintain vendor details from whom Items are being purchased.

h)    Central Store can acknowledge return of purchased item.

i)      Various area stores can return items that are not required by them back to the Central Store.

j)      Different store can issue Items to other Stores, Department.

k)    Sales Management

l)     Reporting

i.        Report of all items according to their group

   ii.        Stock in Hand Report (Group & Batch Wise)

  iii.        Stock Valuation on Purchase Rate & M.R.P.

iv.        Report on Stock Movement as when & from where Item was issued and to whom it was issued.

  v.        Items Expiry list & warning

vi.        Reorder Level of Items.

vii.        Purchase & Issue Registers.



4.    Accounting & Finance Management

A Financial accounting module is linked with hospital billing module. You get online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. There is no need to enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All relevant information for the staff salary/wages, consultant share, etc is available.


a)    All revenue entries are transferred automatically from billing module.

b)    Just enter the expense vouchers and the accounts are complete up to balance sheet.

c)    Consultant Share and other relevant Information already available.

d)    User defined ledger Groups & Accounts.

e)    User definition of Cost Centre.

f)     Department wise income detail.

g)    Party Ledger

h)    Ledger Analysis.

i)      Day Book

j)      Cash Book

k)    Bank Book

l)      Sale Book

m)  Trial Balance as on date.

n)    Group wise Trial Balance.

o)    Balance Sheet

6.      Backup & Restore Management

a)      Schedule backup Automatically

b)      Schedule Cloud backup

c)      Restore the software if needed

 5. Point of Sales

a) Sales

b) Purchase