Common Unique Features:

E-Prescription & Doctors Chamber Management Software

From patient visiting serial to prescription, each step can be manageable using the software. Please visit our demonstration of software, we have confident that you will see our unique features which can satisfy your requirements.

  • Basic Features:
    • Doctor registration and doctor’s chamber data processing.
    • Patient registration: All patient data can be find out easily using patient phone/email/name/barcode
    • Visitor planSerial management with email and SMS notification. Even patient can see the waiting serial no. without asking anybody from his device (Mobile/tab/Laptop).
    • Prescription writing is very easy like writing on doctor letterhead pad.
    • Example: If you just type:  tb napa then it will show Tablet Napa 500 mg (paracetamol), or by type any Generic name like paracetamol you can see the list of Brand name like Ace 500 mg, Napa 500 mg, Paracetamol 500 mg in list.
    • Previous prescription of a patient can be import using single click, which minimize of writing previous medicine list of old prescription.
    • Prescription Templating facilitates a doctor creating a predefined prescription in a single click.
    • Medication new item can be add or update easily so that the software data always be updated.
    • Patient Advice templating facilities, you can add required advices, food plan here.
    • Auto suggest enable on medication, lab investigation, symptoms, disease and Final Diagnosis etc.
    • Barcode facilities for prescription and patient. Device camera can be use as Barcode scanner in our Software.
    • Prescription can be print on preprinted doctor’s letter head pad or on plain paper.
    • Prescription can be email to patient easily.
    • Billing management: New invoice, Due collection etc. with print and email facilities
    • Patient can easily view and print all of his/her prescription from anywhere by login on portal.
    • Real-time Dashboard facilities:  Doctor can get a summary about the transaction, new patient, old patient, today’s visited patient list etc.
  • Report: 
    • Billing report
    • Disease or symptom wise patient analysis
    • Counting daily new/old patients
  • Add-on:
    • Domain name
    • Personal Website
    • SMS service
      Software Dependency:
      Any Operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, IOS) support latest web browser like Chrome
      Hardware Dependency:
      Specially no hardware dependency, any mobile/Tab/Laptop that support latest web browser like Chrome
      Connectivity: Internet or LAN or Wi-Fi depending on package type